Fear & Sewing in Knox Vegas

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I had been staring at this sewing machine for about a year now. I kept promising myself as each week passed that this is the weekend that I’m going to learn to use this sewing machine. Yet, it remained in the box.

I just didn’t feel motivated to do anything with it. Why bother getting into all those settings? That’s just a lot of work for little return! I didn’t lack excuses.

So what do you do when you don’t feel motivated? You overwhelm yourself with a huge project! *crickets chirp*

I thought this project would be easy.

I’ll buy a sewing pattern of a coat with tails to make my husband for our trip to The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in Atlanta, GA. I mean, I watched my grandmother sew with patterns as a kid and I even operated her sewing machine with her a few times. I got this.

jacket sewing pattern cover

After buying the pattern, the fabric, and a new pair of scissors, I came home excited, ready to dig in. As I unfolded all the pattern pieces, I immediately felt like Gob Bluth from Arrested Development.

I've made a huge mistake meme

As I’m already seeing this idea ending in failure, I think back to all the times I wish I had paid more attention to my grandmother’s handiwork. After a long sigh, I start cutting out the pieces and googling things like “darts” and “seam allowances.” Thank heavens for Google.

The next weekend, I spend an entire day pinning and cutting fabric. As I’m doing this, I’m catching mistakes (some a little late), but press on. Finally, pieces are extracted and I stare hard at the sewing machine.

I’ve sewn many things with a needle. I even use fabric glue. This sewing machine, however, just mocked and intimidated me. Before you sympathize with me, this is a “Sew E-Z” sewing machine. A whopping $30 investment. Hardly a threat. *gulp*

Sew E-Z machine

With this special day less than a month away, I had to just suck it up and give it shot. So, after reading the directions thoroughly and threading the machine carefully, I push down the pedal.

I learned two things that day.

  1. Don’t let fear hold you back from trying.
  2. Mistakes can often be erased, removed, or ripped out.

I’m almost halfway done with the jacket and my dress modifications now, and my confidence level is soaring. I don’t expect to be on Project Runway, but I am at least less fearful of a wardrobe malfunction!

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